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Digital Learning Staff

Our office is closed at this time due to Covid 19 shutdown. For assistiance we ask that you submit a RemedyForce ticket. This will allow all staff members access to the issue. If you email one person, you will delay gaining assistance.

Request assistance:

Name/Email Title Location/Phone
Kim Martin
Interim Director
TN eCampus Administrator/ Campus Liaison
Macon 901-333-4442
Ayana Churchill

Administrative Assistant 3

Macon 901-333-4612
Kendall Gloster  
Academic Web Svcs
Macon 901-333-4881
Teresa Calloway
Academic Web Svcs
Macon 901-333-4468
Karla Blume Shalably

Coordinator - TN eCampus

Macon 901-333-4073